Grigore Antipa College (P4 ROM)


Grigore Antipa College is an educational institution subordinated to the School Inspectorate from Bacau, Romania which has the role in education and training young people between 14 and 19 years old. Each year, this institution receives about 1050 secondary schools’ graduates, who specialize in four profiles in accordance with the requirements of the labour market, at regional and local level: Natural Resources and Environmental Protection; Food Industry; Services (Catering, Tourism); Electronics and Automation. 

The school aims to accomplish the challenges of the 21st century: young people better prepared for the labour market and teachers interested in activities / training / development projects throughout life. The intent is to become an active school focused on creativity and innovation, on expanding skills and experiences and the sharing of knowledge obtained in other circumstances. The members of the project team are Georgeta Gabriela Udrea, Teodora Stanciu and Daniela Bilbor.


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