Project Opening Event in Dabas (Hungary)



The opening event of the European Carbon-Footprint Optimisation – ECO2 project was hosted by Érdi SZC Kossuth Zsuzsanna Vocational Technical School and Youth Hostel in Dabas. 


The implementation of the project no.: HU01-KA202-035972 started on 1th September 2017 and is expected to finish on 31th August 2019. The total budget of the project: EUR 133,754 non-refundable grant. Our main task is to enforce environmental protection and reduce the ecological footprint.


Our school has already worked in two international environmental projects. The project is coordinated by Humob Group Ltd. as a beneficiary, so they organized the first meeting.


All the partners from the six countries, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Turkey and the coordinating organization arrived. A total of eight partners are involved in the cooperation, on the basis of the fact that all companies or organizations work together with a school.


In order to reduce the ecological footprint, during the project implementation, a calculator is prepared to measure the energy consumption of the participating schools, supplemented with school travel, meals, and local data. Additional intellectual products are also intended to be produced, and the timing of their preparation was also discussed at the first conference. The next step is to upload data into the calculator, mentioned above, and to produce a video of a pre-selected topic related to environmental protection. Videos are planned to be produced by companies and organizations for classroom use. For those videos, lesson plans, which can be used extensively, are going to be prepared by teachers working in schools. As an added value, Humob Group Ltd. is also going to produce a video in 3-dimensional format as well.


We hope that our project will contribute to the implementation of European environmental aspirations and our joint work will be exemplary.





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